T minus 3 Days and counting

  • Confirmed Passports current
  • Plane reservations confirmed
  • House sitter with big Doberman and 357 scheduled
  • Credit cards and Bank notified
  • 200 International Text messages purchased for Symone – SMS only

About Cindy Owen

Mother, Wife, Retiree, Biscuit maker, Liberal, Alabama fan, Lover of Movies, Books, Plays, Art, Music, Dogs and Coincidence
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1 Response to T minus 3 Days and counting

  1. Jenell says:

    Have a great flight, kick back and enjoy the ride. Buckele yours seat belts, seats may b used as a flotation device , literature sucks, u will b provided drinks and a pack of something maybe. Please return trays to an upright position when finished, all carry ons should b stored in the overhead department or entirely under you seat, find your exit doors in your area. French food will b provided whenever. If you should change you mind , tough. Thank you for choosing Quantus airlines. BTW , unattended children will b given expresso and a puppy. Love to all, Jenell

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