Friday ….wheeee ….whew!

I can’t even begin to adequately describe this day. First of all the weather was perfect. Very sunny and probably in the 70’s. Secondly the Mini Cooper is freakishly fun to drive. Third the scenery is breath-taking. We toured a candy factory. We had a wonderful reception for our group in the town where Dirk has his apartment, Le Bar sur Loup by a group named after General DeGrasse who practically won the Revolutionary war for us and was born in Le Bar sur Loup. The whole purpose of the group is to promote good relations between France and America. Throw in lunch, a wine tasting and a spectacular dinner. We is whooped!







About Cindy Owen

Mother, Wife, Retiree, Biscuit maker, Liberal, Alabama fan, Lover of Movies, Books, Plays, Art, Music, Dogs and Coincidence
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2 Responses to Friday ….wheeee ….whew!

  1. NB says:

    No surprise if you don’t come back!!

  2. Pat lusthaus says:

    Hope the car was Stopped when you took that photo of you and Symone! Gorgeous stuff.

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