We’re on our own

Our friends left yesterday and the official Mini Cooper tour has ended. Symone, Annie, Dorothy and I are exploring on our own. Yesterday we visited Vence and a chapel conceived by Henri Matisse and had lunch at a sidewalk cafe in Vence. Last night we dined in Saint Paul de Vence. Today we will venture into Nice to the Chagall museum. Hopefully we’ll meet up with Dirk later on and talk about those that left us!

The place is amazing.

About Cindy Owen

Mother, Wife, Retiree, Biscuit maker, Liberal, Alabama fan, Lover of Movies, Books, Plays, Art, Music, Dogs and Coincidence
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4 Responses to We’re on our own

  1. Jenell says:

    Keep up the great Tour de France.love, Jenell

  2. Suzie says:

    This is such an unusual, creative trip to plan and way to share it with your USA-bound friends. Thank you Ms. Blogger!

  3. Sybil Burton says:

    Cindy, thank you, thank you. I have enjoyed so much looking at these pictures. So much beauty. I hope this was for you and D. the trip of a lifetime.

  4. Angela shields says:

    I know y’all are sad to come home, but we have missed y’all!! Have a safe trip!!

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