Here Wheeee go to New York

Symone’s constant traveling companion (compliments of Alexandra Alexander) – Theodore. We probably jinxed ourselves by getting here really early because our flight has been delayed by 1 hour. Dorothy, Symone and I are meeting up in New York with my brothers to celebrate my mother’s birthday (June 15th) and bury her ashes on her parent’s and brother’s grave in upstate NY.  This won’t be a sad trip. We’re going to do some NYC things, drive upstate, visit cousins and childhood sites. I think this will be a good trip. So we’re hanging out at Good People getting in the mood to fly away.

About Cindy Owen

Mother, Wife, Retiree, Biscuit maker, Liberal, Alabama fan, Lover of Movies, Books, Plays, Art, Music, Dogs and Coincidence
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1 Response to Here Wheeee go to New York

  1. Laura says:

    Hope y’all have a great trip!! Love to all!!

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