James Baldwin’s house

Yesterday we took a walking tour to the James Baldwin house led by an amazing talent and force, Pearl Ramsey. She and her friend, Shannon Cain are involved in an effort to purchase the house back from a real estate developer and turn it into an artist’s retreat. So many coincidences and serendipitous exchanges occurred on this tour. Turns out the house is right across the street from our hotel. I’m looking at it right this minute as I sit on our balcony.

Here is the shine on the his front door

Dorothy and I recently watched the documentary about James Baldwin, I Am Not Your Negro. We’re so glad we were able to see the place where he lived and wrote during his 17 years in Saint Paul and where he died. Quotes from Pearl:My fears are not my anchor

We cannot create habitats inside an idea.

We haven’t melted yet but we have a lot of ingredients.

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Mother, Wife, Retiree, Biscuit maker, Liberal, Alabama fan, Lover of Movies, Books, Plays, Art, Music, Dogs and Coincidence
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